Choosing your garden canopy

Having a lovely garden is wonderful but what is the best way to enjoy it? With the hot sun beating down on you, especially during the hottest months of the year, you can not sit outside for very long. But with a canopy for your garden, you can enjoy the beauty of your garden by relaxing with a cool glass of ice tea and sit in the shade. Canopies for the garden make it possible to show off your garden to your family and friends. They also make a perfect place for your guests to sit in a shaded area to relax and take it all in.

In addition to getting a stylish look in these backyard garden canopies, they are also made to last a long time. Because of the powder coated 20 gauge steel frame and the fire retardant polyester top covering, (which has an ultraviolet rating to protect from the harmful summer sun), these outdoor shade canopies are durable, affordable, and attractive. The scalloped edging gives the canopy tent a "finished" look that provides a great touch to even a more formal garden party. Since they are made from durable materials, they won't fade in the harshest sun, or tear in those unexpected wind gusts.

It is also great for those who might like to spend a lazy afternoon or even morning out in the open air relaxing in the shade with a cool drink in the company of friends. They are also useful for someone who loves to garden and needs a place to put those plants that do not like too much sun or rain. This can be a lovely place to have a cup of tea or coffee amongst those well looked after plants.

Canopies come in several colors and several different styles. You can find one you would enjoy seeing out of your kitchen window every day. Even while you are trapped inside doing those mundane household chores, your mind would be out there under the canopy playing in the dirt. You can have a gaily colored one, a solid colored one, a white one or whichever one you choose. The best part is, knowing that when you are working in your garden, you will be protected from harmful UV rays of the sun. You will not need to wear a long-sleeved shirt or that ugly old straw hat. You can then thoroughly enjoy the cool breezes of spring and summer, without being encumbered by extra clothing, greasy sunscreen, or a combination of both.